Contraceptive pills and their side effects

Nowadays, many of us opt for taking birth control pills. You are probably satisfied with the comfort and security that they offer you. But still, it is possible you may have many doubts about the effects and benefits for your health. Our sexologist, Claudia Kösler, clarifies all of the information for us. Birth control pills are a hormonal treatment to avoid pregnancy – not infections of sexually transmitted diseases and infections – that has become popular now even among teenagers.

Do you know their side effects?

Then, we’ll tell in detail some of the side effects your body could suffer during the treatment:

  • Sore and swollen breasts
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Breakthrough bleeding; leaks between menstruations
  • Altered vaginal discharge, excess or dryness
  • Decrease in libido
  • Difficulty getting pregnant, change in fertility
  • Depression; because of the synthetic hormones, a negative effect is produced, unbalancing the natural functioning of certain neurotransmitters
  • Blood clots in veins and arteries, thrombosis, stroke and heart attack
  • Tumors in breast
  • Endometrial and ovarian cancer

Does it influence menstruation?

The hormonal birth control treatment nullifies the natural process of the menstrual cycle by eliminating the ovulation and menstruation phase, that is, we went from four phases to two.

The fact that the symptoms of “premenstrual syndrome” disappear or are reduced is because there is no real or natural menstruation. Therefore, without ovulation or menstruation, there are no symptoms.

Synthetic hormones that can alter natural functioning of the hormones themselves are introduced into the body and can also affect the emotional level. Our hormones are related with our emotional and mental state, and if these are altered, there may also be negative effects in these aspects.

Can I take birth control pills without consulting my doctor?

No, it is not recommended, you should visit your doctor to do a check and to ensure that you can take them without any risk to your health. Taking hormonal contraceptive pills can have side effects on your body. It is a completely personal decision whether to take them or not. As health professionals, our duty is to inform about the treatment in a global way. If you have doubts, always consult with your gynecologist and do not forget that it is very important to perform periodic check-ups.


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