Bites and welts on legs, face, arms, body, produced by mosquitos, spiders, insects

I was bitten by an insect, what do I do?

With the rise in temperature we take advantage of our time outside to enjoy. Who does not fancy walks on the beach, mountains, bathing in rivers or picnics in the countryside? All of these activities that we like so much can have a negative and annoying part for everyone: insect bites. We’ll tell you how to prevent and treat them:


  • Avoid perfumes, beauty products that smell a lot because they attract insects.
  • Use appropriate clothing, long pants and long sleeves if you are going places at risk. It is better if it is dark.
  • Use repellents but careful with the eyes and mouth. Not advised in asthmatics!
  • The electric repellers (pill or liquid) work in closed environments, the rest is doubtful on efficacy. Citronella (in bracelets or whatever) has very low efficacy.



  • The majority are mild, producing reddening, itching, slight swelling.
  • Wash the area well with water and soap. Use cold compresses to decrease the swelling.
  • Remove the stinger if it is visible with sterile pliers.
  • If it is necessary, use a low-potency corticoid cream, avoiding exposure to the sun and avoiding the face.
  • If you notice that it gets worse or there is anything that you miss, consult with your doctor.



  • Call the emergency room if the person presents difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, lips…
  • Ask the affected person if he has epinephrine on him (the syringe is very easy to administer that you should put it in immediately).
  • Loosen any clothing or jewelry and look for who will help while the emergency systems arrive.

Above all, remain calm. Most bites do not go beyond a mild discomfort for a few days.


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