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What you should and should not talk with your partner about regarding sex

Two are not together if one does not want. If we go to the field of intimate partner relationship, it is not surprising that we find ourselves in situations where we do not know what our partner likes and does not like. That said, it seems as though this issue does not affect us, but would you be able to tell me when was the last time you have talked about sex with your partner? Doing it is not a valid answer.

Taking the likes of the other for granted in regards to sex is not a good solution to create a stronger bond in a relationship of both affection and fidelity. The mind goes beyond our acts and sharing your thoughts and sexual desires will help each other to unite and create more intimacy in the partnership.

Leave your fears, embarrassments and open up to your partner! Our psychologist and couples therapist, Claudia Kösler, tells us the aspects that we should consider if we are in a relationship to address these conversations of sex and how we should not act to improve the problems in bed.

What we should do:

  • 1 + 1 = 2 In our relationship, one is not more than the other. We should share our thoughts and let our erotic imagination fly.
  • Make known to our partner what we like, with the objective of reinforcement.
  • Ask our partner for their sexual desires.
  • Propose new positions and spaces to practice it.
  • In conclusion, be erotophilic people, meaning, maintain a position in favor of sex.

What we should not do:

  • Do not believe we are more than the other. We are both the same.
  • Make complaints and do not control the situation to improve it.
  • Criticize our partner against practices we do not like, instead of guiding.
  • Always saying NO before any proposition.
  • Prejudging our partner for their desires of sexual practices.
  • In conclusion, be erotophobic people, meaning, maintaining a negative idea and belief toward everything sexual and erotic.

Enjoy and look for pleasure, it’s your homework!


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