Post-holiday stress: how can I face my return?

Going back from what has been one happy vacation is not easy, much less if you keep seeing photos of the beach, beach bars, cocktails and unicorns floating in crystal clear waters. The year consists of two slopes, the well-known slope of January and the slope of September. Both are hard, but let’s look at … Continued

Anorexia and Bulimia: the symptoms to detect it

Anorexia and bulimia are some of the most suffered diseases of this century. We always talk about it with women, but more and more men are suffering from it as well. Those who suffer from it cancel eating from their brain and those around them notice personality changes, insomnia, see them become more tense and … Continued

Motivation: the 6 key tips to get it

Nobody is born motivated, nor is it a personal characteristic that we adopt over the years. The fact of being motivated gives us a feeling of well-being and tranquility. Motivation can differ between one person and another. This occurs because the personal situation that we are going through is different for everyone. Motivating ourselves is … Continued

Cannot sleep? The best advice to end insomnia

The same time, the same place. 3 in the morning and you still haven’t slept? Do you not know how to choose the right position? If you have looked at the phone 5 times, taken off the covers, drank water, and counted an entire flock of sheep, do not worry because you are not alone … Continued

How to stop smoking and not fall in the attempt

Regarding this theme we will be very clear: “smoking does not contribute anything healthy for your health”. So, why do people continue smoking? The answer is very simple, people continue smoking because the cigarette contains nicotine and chemical components that manage to get dependence from you and create a constant addiction. It is nothing new … Continued

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