Smoking. Smoking kills and is harmful to health. New habits and quality of life. Nicotine and chemical components create addiction.

How to stop smoking and not fall in the attempt

Regarding this theme we will be very clear: “smoking does not contribute anything healthy for your health”. So, why do people continue smoking? The answer is very simple, people continue smoking because the cigarette contains nicotine and chemical components that manage to get dependence from you and create a constant addiction.

It is nothing new that smoking kills. It not only affects you as the active smoker, but you are also putting everyone around you at risk.

What occurs when we decide to stop smoking?

When we decide to stop smoking, during the first days we experience the need to have a cigarette at certain times and situations of our day to day. The dependence produced by the addictive components does not last more than a week. It is at this time, when we should know that the symptoms of withdrawal can be diverse: anxiety, increased appetite, irritability, insomnia… In spite of all of this, we should be conscious, strong and above all know that the symptoms will be temporary and that our main objective will be achieved.

Our body is wise and from the first minute that we stop smoking it begins to react, decreases blood pressure, heart rate, sharpens the sense of smell again and reduces the risk of suffering from some type of cancer, such as lung, tongue or throat, among others. In addition, you will positively enhance your image by eliminating the annoying smell of clothes, the yellowing of your fingers and you will show healthier skin along with whiter teeth.

What can we do to stop it?

  • CONSIDER IT. Think about this new change in your life and mark a date to start it.
  • SET A DATE. Before saying “until never” to the tobacco, you have to reduce the consumption of daily cigarettes. It is a process that will take you a few days. Relax, we’re on the right track!
  • CREATE A LIST. Create a list of reasons why you have decided to quit tobacco, as valid as those that affect the economic plane.
  • CALCULATE THE EXPENSE. Calculate the expense of smoking and think of new plans that you can make by investing the money that you will no longer use for cigarettes.
  • CHANGE HABITS. Change your lifestyle, schedules and habits. Create new moments with friends and colleagues with whom you used to smoke. Avoid the customs you had when you smoked for the first few days. Remove ashtrays, cigars and lighters from your sight.
  • PRACTICE SPORTS. Start practicing more sports. This will help you alleviate the desire to smoke and to have a better quality of life.
  • COMMENT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS. The support of others is essential to achieve your goal. If your partner also smokes, it is a good time for you to set out together.

If in spite of this advice you need help, sign up for a program to quit smoking and avoid relapse. Tobacco does not bring anything good and remember, today is a good day to start.


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