28-day basic menstrual cycle.. Menstruation, fertile days and ovulation. Phases.

Menstrual cycle: Do you know how to recognize your fertile days?

When you make the decision to begin trying to get pregnant, you are assaulted by all the doubts in the world. When am I fertile? How can I recognize those days? We will help you to know your body better and you can recognize them in this article.

The menstrual cycle has an average duration of 28 days. Although it varies in every woman and consists of different phases.

Menstrual Cycle phases:

  • It begins with the menstrual phase. This is the first day of the cycle that the woman has heavy bleeding. The previous days in which it spots a little will usually last 3-6 days and is not menstruation yet.
  • The following phase is the follicular. It is the preparation phase: the egg begins to mature and our uterus prepares to receive it.
  • The third stage is ovulation and it usually happens between days 12-13-14, with the egg advances through the fallopian tube.
  • The final phase will be the luteal phase. Our egg reaches the uterus and our body is prepared for a possible pregnancy: it secretes a hormone called progesterone that will be the one that gives us the premenstrual symptoms.

After this final phase, depending on whether there has been fertilization or not, we will have a new menstrual bleeding and we will start a new cycle or we will have a delay that can mean pregnancy.

Then, in which days am I fertile? They will always be the days surrounding ovulation, especially the previous ones, and you can recognize them because your cervical mucus, which changes during the cycle, will be watery these days, like “egg whites”. This will also help you in case you are irregular: women usually  have other cycles because the follicular phase varies (delays or advances ovulation).

Getting pregnant is easier if you know your body. Every woman is different, so take some time to know your phases, write down your symptoms on each of the days, assess your cervical mucus everyday, look for the guidelines and coincidences in your cycle to detect which are your fertile days and do not neglect sexual activity with your partner… without routines, enjoying your intimacy, without pressure. Think that it is considered normal for a couple to take more than a year to get pregnant. You are more likely to get it with patience and knowing your cycle!


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