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8 Tricks to be a professional on healthy eating

When we talk about sitting at the table to eat, it is almost impossible to forget about the dishes prepared for us by grandma. We have grown and many of us know little about being between the stoves, but as the years go by we get the urge to learn. With so many cooking videos and certain food programs, we already know to differentiate between types of cooked, reduced and sauteed, even more than a few have already made their first steps with spherification (another thing that goes well).

We have so much information on food that sometimes we forget the most basic, that’s why our nutritionist gives us these tricks to cook healthy, carrying a healthy diet and surprising our guests as if we were real chefs:

  • Remove visible fats from meats or the skin of chicken before cooking.
  • Learn to cook without requiring much oil. Steam cooking preserves nutrients in the food.
  • To cook meats and fish, wrap them in a papillote (aluminum foil). It will be cooked in its juice and it will be kept tender, without the need to add other fats.
  • When you make stews, prepare them in advance. Let them cool in the refrigerator and remove the layer of fat with a spoon. In this way, it will retain the flavor but without fats.
  • When making vinaigrettes, put 1 part of oil for 3 parts of vinegar. Use apple cider vinegar, raspberries, so that it is not so acidic in flavor.
  • If you need to use some sauce to add to a salad, you can use natural skimmed yogurt, reduced with lemon juice. In addition, you can add some aromatic spices.
  • To prepare milk or cheese sauces, use skim milk or parmesan cheese, which contain less calories and are more aromatic. In the preparation of the béchamel, use olive oil or margarine and skim milk.
  • In the making of some dishes that require mayonnaise, select the ones that are low in calories.

It is clear that we are not going to be experts in the kitchen, but we can be good amateurs and understand what we are doing and what it is contributing to us. Our motto is to teach you to eat well, not to stop eating. Put your hands to work and surprise yourself!


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