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I am sick of the hair! What is the best method of hair removal?

Is hair removal good for the skin?

Many of you are still on the search for the best hair removal method, with the hopes of not looking like a bear. It is true that the skin’s normal state is with natural hair; therefore, any hair removal that is used to eliminate it would be an aggression. However, since it is not looked well upon socially to have hair in certain areas of our body (especially for women), you can choose the least harmful solutions that offer the better results.

What types of hair removal are there? Which one is the best?

  • Shaving

Shaving consists of cutting the hair that protrudes from the skin (shaving). It can be done with a blade or with depilatory creams. This method is for use at home. Of course, depilatory creams are not recommended for the pubic area, nor the outer lip, as this area is very sensitive and could get irritated.

Pros: it is easy, fast and painless.

– Consthe duration of the hair removal is minimal; the hair can begin to show again within a few hours. In addition, your hairs may start to grow encystically, formally known as folliculitus, causing the appearance of granites and even small infections Shaving can also cause dry, sensitive skin.

  • Root removal

Pull the hair from its root to delay the growth. There are several methods to achieve this: hot or cold wax, razor, threads and tweezers. It can be done at home or in a specialized center.

– Pros: the hair is gone for several days, between approximately 10 to 15 days.

– Cons: it can be painful in some areas, and can even cause irritations and small wounds on sensitive skin. For some people, this can cause dermatological problems. On the other hand, once the hair starts to become visible, you need to grow a few millimeters to be able to pluck with this method.

  • Photoepilation and laser

In this case the root of the hair is “killed” so that it does not come out again. Although there are variations on these methods, the basis is always the same: pulsed light goes to the root of the hair to “burn” it without damaging the surrounding skin. If this is your choice, you will need the advice of an accredited specialist to indicate which method is most appropriate for you based on your skin color, hair color, thickness and other characteristics. It is usually applied in specialized centers; although, some home appliances have recently appeared on the market.

– ProsIt is a long-lasting hair removal, and is even definitive if enough sessions are applied. If the method used is adapted correctly, it is very safe for any type of skin and hair. It is more painful compared to wax, and the skin can be sensitive for a few hours. It is also a way to prevent hairs from getting entangled.

– ConsIt is without a doubt the most expensive method; although, in recent years it has become much cheaper. It requires some skin care before and after treatment. In addition, you cannot expose the skin to the sun for two weeks before treatment and not for a week after. Just because it is definitive, does not mean that the hair may not resurface after a hormonal change.

In short, there is not one method that is better than another; it depends on each person, their situation and their customs. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. Are you one of those who goes to the beach in the summer, day in and day out? Then, it is better to leave the photoepilation or laser for after the holidays. Do you have sensitive skin and hairs that encyst easily? Perhaps a definitive option is the best method for you, but make sure to be advised by a specialist and leave all your doubts behind. Tell us about your experience in the world of hair removal.


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