Heat stroke; avoid heat stroke with these tips

Do you know how to protect yourself from heat stroke? You are on the beach, the mountain, or traveling visiting another city. You have been walking all day or you are inside the car without air conditioning in the worst hours of the day, sweating- it is normal, it’s summer. You are tired and you … Continued

I have horrible skin, what can I do?

To have soft, smooth and luminous skin is everyone’s dream and it is not achieved overnight or kept over time. That skin that we dream about is one that only babies have, a virgin skin, a skin that has not been in contact with the cold of winter and the heat of summer, a skin … Continued

Careful! Cosmetics also expire

If you are one of those people who cannot live without makeup and cosmetics, you should know that if you use them correctly, they will leave you with a radiant face, so long as you continue your cleaning and care routine. Makeup is not something that goes out of style. As technology advances, we can … Continued

Kinesio taping or colored bandages; Do they work?

Vacation is usually a good time to exercise. More free time, more pleasant and longer days influence us to go for a run, to play volleyball on the beach, a soccer game, etc… but, are we prepared? Many times we are not, and it ends with muscle injuries that we could have avoided with colored … Continued

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