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Getting tan or taking care of the skin, that is the question

Summer is just around the corner and with every year is our obsession of being tan, or at least having a more acceptable color than an olive green or a mother of pearl white all winter. We know that one more shade makes us look beautiful and feel great but, have you stopped to think about everything that your skin is exposed to everyday?

Everyone has always believed that a rosy face from the sun gives us a healthy appearance, when in reality, this reddish or brown tone that is seen on our skin after sun exposure is the image of the damage produced in our skin: it creates more pigments to react to aggression. We see ourselves better, but our skin suffers, and has also accumulated memory: since children, these hours of sun accumulate on our skin, increasing skin aging and increasing the risk of suffering from skin cancer.

Think that the sun is the greatest known carcinogen, even more than tobacco!

How do we protect ourselves from the damage of sunbathing?

  • Try to minimize sun exposure, few hours and never in the middle of the day.
  • Use creams with the right protection factor, water resistant, apply it frequently. A good cream is to minimize the effects of the sun, not to increase the time in it!
  • Help yourself with umbrellas, hats and caps, the protection is never too much.
  • Hydrate your skin and your body. Moisturize both days before and after sun exposure. Drink lots of fluids (water if possible) and supplement your diet with foods that help protect. To the classic carrot we can add foods with vitamin C, soy, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Be careful if you are taking any medication while pregnant: spots can be created by contact with the sun.

And finally, remember the risk of sun damage is not only from the sun on beach on a summer day. Sun protection must be daily, sun or clouds, summer or winter. Always protect the parts of your body that are most exposed to the sun.


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