Gluten: What should I eat if I am a celiac?

If you suffer frequent cramps, diarrhea or vomiting, you may wonder if you are intolerant to gluten. According to the FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain), 1% of Europeans could be celiac, but 75% of them are undiagnosed. This is mainly due to the fact that the symptoms are very different from one person … Continued

Mom at age 40: Risks and advantages

The decision to be a mother is not something that is taken lightly, and even less so when you are reaching 40 years of age. Work obligations or personal projects can be reasons to delay having a child beyond the age considered ideal (25 to 30 years). In fact, Spanish women are increasingly delaying their … Continued

Post-holiday stress: how can I face my return?

Going back from what has been one happy vacation is not easy, much less if you keep seeing photos of the beach, beach bars, cocktails and unicorns floating in crystal clear waters. The year consists of two slopes, the well-known slope of January and the slope of September. Both are hard, but let’s look at … Continued

Child atopic dermatitis: the treatment to follow

Due to the stressful life we lead and pollution, more and more people are developing atopic or sensitive skin. Our doctor, Karine Duffau, general practitioner at MediQuo, tells us that the causes are still unknown, but what we should be clear about is the prevention and treatment to be followed in each case. The skin … Continued

Kidney stones: how to avoid them

You need to ride a roller coaster, preferably in the last car, to fix your kidney stones. At least that’s what David Wartinger, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan, United States recommends. The truth is that this scientist did an experiment with an artificial kidney and found that the movements of fast falls and … Continued

HIT: the most fashionable training

I’m sure you’re on vacation or it’s already ended a few weeks ago and you’re considering going back to the gym, right? If you are one of those who is already thinking about losing the “little pounds” that you have gained during the endless summer dinners, you have come to the perfect place to know … Continued

High-risk pregnancy: can they be prevented?

The news that you are pregnant causes you great excitement, but knowing it is a high-risk pregnancy makes you feel afraid. Thinking that the arrival of a baby changing your life forever is exciting. It can also generate uncertainty: that everything goes well, that you can rest or feed yourself enough. As much as it … Continued

Psoriasis: the treatment to cure it

Have you been diagnosed with psoriasis? Does this situation affect your mood? Do you worry about your image to the point that you have stopped doing many things that you like? Psoriasis is not a serious disease in most cases, but it is very annoying and even disabling due to its social consequences: nobody likes … Continued

Panic attack: causes, symptoms and treatment

Surely, on more than one occasion you have gone through a situation similar to that of a panic attack, either by very negative thoughts, by internalized fears or even when there is no real danger. The panic is not distinguished by age or sex. The emotion experienced in previous moments bring us thoughts of uncertainty … Continued

When do I have to start giving solid food to my baby?

Does your baby’s complementary feeding give you a headache? Surely your main concern is if you are giving him everything he needs. But you have nothing to worry about: I am sure you’re doing great. You must bear in mind that the introduction of solid or semi-solid food is a learning process, both for your … Continued

How can I know if I am pregnant?

You’ve been feeling strange for a few days. You feel heavy, tired and cannot stop thinking about getting ten free minutes to be able to take a nap. Are you pregnant? You are late, although lately you are not too regular. Should you get a pregnancy test? Here are some clues to know if you … Continued

My child has an ear infection, what can I do?

We know that you love those moments in the pool, but you must be careful getting so much water in your ears. When we were little we spent all day soaking and nothing ever happened, right?, Removing the 3 hours of digestion that our mothers and grandmothers forced us to spend under the umbrella. Well, … Continued

When should I take the morning after pill?

An accident can always happen. For these cases in which we are worrying and burdened, our doctor Karine Duffau explains that there is the morning after pill or emergency contraception, a safe and effective way to avoid pregnancy up to 5 days after having had unprotected sex. Yes! 5 days. What is the morning after … Continued

The most frequent infections in summer

It’s finally summer; the weather is good, the days are long, the vacations begin… What a desire to enjoy and enjoy the days to the fullest! However, you begin to not feel well and your throat hurts and you start coughing. To make matters worse, your child has been bitten by a jellyfish and a … Continued

What is the mouth, hands and feet virus?

You took your baby to the emergency room for a fever and some strange rashes and you have returned home with the diagnosis of “mouth-hand-foot virus”. Now you have questions. What is this disease and why does it have such a strange name? Is it bad? The medical name of this disease is viral exanthem … Continued