My child has an ear infection, what can I do?

We know that you love those moments in the pool, but you must be careful getting so much water in your ears. When we were little we spent all day soaking and nothing ever happened, right?, Removing the 3 hours of digestion that our mothers and grandmothers forced us to spend under the umbrella. Well, … Continued

When should I take the morning after pill?

An accident can always happen. For these cases in which we are worrying and burdened, our doctor Karine Duffau explains that there is the morning after pill or emergency contraception, a safe and effective way to avoid pregnancy up to 5 days after having had unprotected sex. Yes! 5 days. What is the morning after … Continued

The most frequent infections in summer

It’s finally summer; the weather is good, the days are long, the vacations begin… What a desire to enjoy and enjoy the days to the fullest! However, you begin to not feel well and your throat hurts and you start coughing. To make matters worse, your child has been bitten by a jellyfish and a … Continued

What is the mouth, hands and feet virus?

You took your baby to the emergency room for a fever and some strange rashes and you have returned home with the diagnosis of “mouth-hand-foot virus”. Now you have questions. What is this disease and why does it have such a strange name? Is it bad? The medical name of this disease is viral exanthem … Continued

I want to get a tattoo, but I have doubts

It is normal that you have doubts about what to do, where and when, but what you really ask yourself is, what do I do when I no longer like it? Fortunately, today there are techniques for erasing ink, but they are very painful and expensive. Therefore, we must be very certain if we want … Continued

The 5 best exercises to stay in shape during vacations

Have you started vacation and forgotten about the gym? Do not worry because we have a solution for the days when you are at the beach with your friends and family. Didn’t you know? You are actually in the best gym that could have been invented: the beach. Nature offers many options to be active, … Continued

Sex: Do we have more sexual encounters in summer?

The heat, free time and light clothes are some of the factors that encourage more sexual intercourse. This is how our sexologist, Claudia Kösler, sees it. It is clear that we all like to maintain an active sex life, but it is true that in the summer months we are more relaxed and we can … Continued

Anorexia and Bulimia: the symptoms to detect it

Anorexia and bulimia are some of the most suffered diseases of this century. We always talk about it with women, but more and more men are suffering from it as well. Those who suffer from it cancel eating from their brain and those around them notice personality changes, insomnia, see them become more tense and … Continued

Why do so many sores appear?

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives… one (best case scenario) or several cold sores appear on the oral mucosa, which causes us so much discomfort that it affects the quality of our life, preventing us from eating or talking normally. What are mouth or cold sores? Sores are … Continued

11 babies have died from sildenafil (VIAGRA)

The Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam has announced the detection of the clinical trial that has been active since 2015 in several hospitals in the Netherlands. This trial was sold by the VIAGRA brand and has been canceled hours after the terrible news. 11 babies have died due to the treatment of sildenafil, … Continued

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