Varicose veins, What can I do to eliminate them?

Those painful blue lines “My legs hurt”. How many times have we heard this from someone that we know. It is because of those thick lines, blue or purple, that can be seen under the skin and that are actually affected veins that usually cause pain and tiredness, better known as varicose veins. Varicose veins … Continued

Babies skin

We are first-time parents, how do I take care of my baby’s skin? Do not worry because you are in the right place to get the best advice for that moment. It is very common to hear: “you have skin as soft as a baby’s bottom”, but how do you keep it that way always? … Continued

How to fight pollen allergy

This year it seems as though spring will arrive much later, but it will arrive with a force. 15% of the population suffers from a pollen allergy, another large percentage of the population believes that it is a cold most of the season, but have you ever thought that maybe you are allergic to pollen? … Continued

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